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Do you like comedies?

Japanese people also like comedies.

There are many comedians in Japan.

Please read on if you are interested in Japanese comedians.

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Manzai shi ?| Japanese Comedians

“Manzai” is one of Japanese funny comedy.

Manzai (漫才) is a traditional style in Japanese culture similar to double act comedy or stand-up comedy.

Some comedians are called “Manzai-shi”(kind of person who play Manzai).

Two or three members create funny drama (Manzai) and play roles for it.

Manzai usually involves two performers (manzaishi)—a straight man (tsukkomi) and a funny man (boke)—trading jokes at great speed.

Most of the jokes revolve around mutual misunderstandings, double-talk, puns and other verbal gags.

Sometimes , a man takes the role as woman or child.

that’s very interesting ^^

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Owarai Geinin also Comedians ?

Rock Star, Victory, Peace, Bakery, Guitar, Hair, Man

On the other hand , We have the word “Owarai Geinin”.

“Owarai” means fun or laugh.

“Geinin” means talented people.

“Owarai Geinin” contain Manzai-shi.

They provide fun by any ways.

Comedians became kind of talented people.

They provide fun in a lot ways , good comments and reactions , sometimes they play role for TV dramas or Movies.

We can see Owarai Geinin every day on the TV program.

By the way , TV is still popular in Japan even streaming services are popular in the world.

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Let’s learn words related to comedians.

EnglishJapaneseHiraganaHow to read
Comediansお笑い芸人おわらい げいにんOwarai Geinin
Comedians who act funny dramas漫才師まんざいしManzai shi

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