Sialkot A city of sports

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Sialkot A city of sports

Do you love sports? Are you a fan of soccer? Because whatever city you are from, regardless of whatever country you live in, being a sports lover you might watch all the games but many less of you would know about the sports product about where can you find the best and which country is responsible for making best sports products. When we talk about making sports products, especially about cricket and soccer, we are glad to unfold this secret here that Sialkot, a city of Pakistan located in Sialkot district Punjab, is a hub of sports product. It is a city known for making biggest lots of sports and products and according to recent surveys, it has come to our knowledge that around half of the all footballs around the whole world are manufactured and exported from Sialkot. Not just this, Sialkot is well known for producing best surgical items on huge level as well as cutlery, leather products including leather goods and garments and musical industries. Not just this, Sialkot is a rich and industrialist area and biggest source of economy for Pakistan. There are also plastic and metal-based factories. You would have never known about this miracle city, being so small and so positive spirit and economy.

History of Sialkot goes back to 326 BCE, when Alexander the Great found this city which was later re-build by Raja Salban in 200 CE. This city is known to be a sight of ancient Sagala. Sialkot is Pakistan’s 13th largest city according to the population count, located in north-east of Punjab. Sialkot is a capital of Sialkot district. Along with nearest cities, Guajranwala and Gujrat, Sialkot is a part of this “Golden Triangle” with export-oriented economies. Sialkot makes almost $2.5 billion every year to make a difference for domestic change through foreign exports.

Sialkot is now one of the biggest and most significant industrial center. Largest turn out each year, making up an essential economy with its business oriented atmosphere, Sialkot has set an example by being such small city and production house for Pakistan best and worldwide famous sports, surgical, cutlery and other products. This city smaller than other in South Asia produces more and earns more through foreign exports as compared to other cities. This is why it is also known as World-Manufacturing Hub. Sialkot has another achievement known as its very own Airline and the first one in Pakistan owned by Private executives known as Air-Sial.

Sialkot, other than being the popular industrial city, owns 2 libraries, several well-reputed hospitals, colleges affiliated by the University of Punjab and a home to multiple Holy sanctums, one of which related to first Sikh guru, Nanak. Below is the picture of Shawala Teja Singh temple.

Sialkot is a birthplace of poet and philosopher, Dreamer of Pakistan, very respectful and honorable personality, among biggest heroes of Pakistan “Allama Muhammad Iqbal”. Sir Iqbal’s House is still there, preserved and safe with all his memories and things untouched even that red paint which covers the outlook of house and makes it even more prominent, known as “Iqbal manzil”. Iqbaal manzil is full of memories, pictures and things of Allama Iqbal and outside the house is a whole market consists of everything of daily use as well as clothes and all.

Sialkot is a place with some really fertile lands, irrigated by Upper Chanab Canal. Main crops being cultivated here are rice, wheat, barley, corn, sugarcane and pop. Rice cultivated in Sialkot are being delivered all over the Pakistan and cooked to be most delicious rice ever.

Raja Salban built the great Sialkot fort. Sialkot is a city full of cultural trends, traditional presentations. Where all events, festivals, big or small, religious or non-religious, every small event is celebrated to its fullest by all these people full of life. They depict Punjabi culture and Punjabi language so well. And of course, most people of Sialkot are full of love and are very good hosts when it comes to guests. You can have an opportunity of eating a Saag (green leafy vegetable) picked straight out of Khait (field).

A famous Halwa-poori shop, which is a breakfast dish, full of traditional touch and a finger-licking taste.

Sialkot’s clock tower is also very popular among Sialkots’ and also for the people from other cities as it leads them to Sialkot Cantt area which is a cleaner, greener and most wanted area in Sialkot. It is also a home to some army officers and Army public school so Cantt is not an easy place to reach if you don’t have proper identification and specifically if you are from some other city. Sialkot has a border connected to India which makes it riskier place and making it immune towards the risk, Sialkot has their own security checks and army-oriented areas.

Sialkot-Lahore motorway has been recently established to make a journey easier and lesser for the regular travelers of Sialkot-Lahore and vice versa. A dry port in Sambrial, which also has an owner to be a home to international Airport, is responsible for foreign export of goods and all.

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  • Punjabi is like a mother-tongue to Sialkotis’. Almost 95% people in Sialkot prefers speaking Punjabi.
  • A home to Pakistan’s first ever privately owned airline named as Air-Sial.
  • This city is the largest manufacturer of hand sewn footballs in the whole world.
  • Marala Headworks, also a most known tourist spot, is an engineering project which is responsible to control water and flood situation in River Chenab.
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An honest opinion:

A city full of love, a city which has a huge and terrifying, heart breaking history of partition. A city where people will make you feel comfortable and laugh out loud with their humorous and jolly nature. A city where you are never going to be bored or lonely while travelling around the city with strange drivers. A city which found to be a root for everyone’s relative mostly and a city enriched with culture. If you ever visit Pakistan, never ever forget exploring Sialkot and Sialkotis.

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