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Do you have Summer festivals ?

What are they like ?

In Japan , there are a lot of festivals in Summer.

Most Festivals take place in July or August.

Please read on if you are interested in Japanese Summer Festivals.

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How are Japanese Summer Festivals look like ?

夏祭り・盆踊り05 | フリー素材ドットコム

There are a lot of festivals in Summer.

Many Organizations , Cities take place summer festivals.

People wear Japanese Traditional Clothes called “Yukata”.

People dance Japanese Traditional danceBon Odori”.

People dance around tower which organizer play Japanese DrumTaiko”.

There are many shops for festivals.

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What can we do at Festivals ?

Japanese to Know: Common "Matsuri" Words

We can buy Dishes like fried noodlesYakisoba” , Japanese style pancakeOkonomiyaki”.

Choco Banana” is popular Fruit Banana coated with Chocolate.

Japanese style iceKakigori”.

Ringo Ame” is an Apple coated with candy.

After you filled to eat , you can play some games.

There are some kinds of Loto called “Kuji“.

Just pulling paper from a box and then , there is number which designate gift item.

There are many ropes and pull one of them , then end of ropes there are paper on which numbers are written.

You can aim gift listed on shelves by toy gun.

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花火・打ち上げ花火・夏祭り」のフリー素材(商用利用可能) | Howcang ...

Fireworks seem to be the symbol of summer festival.

But many festival finish with Dance “Bon Odori”.

And there are many other Fireworks Festivals.

People gather specific place to watch Fireworks.

It’s usually near a river or a beach.

And We watch Fireworks an hour to two hours.

Many people wear “Yukata” at the fireworks festivals.

People do not dance during the fireworks festivals usually.

There are only few shops because people watch Fireworks mainly.

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Let’s learn words related to Summer Festivals

EnglishJapaneseHiraganaHow to read
Summer Festivals夏祭りなつまつりNatsu Matsuri
Japanese Traditional Cloth浴衣ゆかたYukata
Japanese Traditional Dance盆踊りぼんおどりBon Odori
Japanese Style Iceかき氷かきごおりKaki Gori
Japanese Style Pancakeお好み焼きおこのみやきOkonomi Yaki
Japanese Drum太鼓たいこTaiko
Fireworks Festivals花火大会はなびたいかいHanabi Taikai

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