Roihi Tsuboko | Japanese Warm patch

Learning Japanese
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Roihi Tsuboko | Japanese Warm patch

Do you know Roihi Tsuboko produced by Nichiban , Japanese company?

Have you ever tried Roihi pot plaster?

Roihi pot plaster is a type of medicine that is effective against stiff shoulders and back pain, such as compresses and pip electric vans.

Roihi-Tsuboko promotes blood circulation in the affected area by stimulating the warmth of Nonylic Acid Amide(4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl), and exhibits excellent effects in combination with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects such as methyl salicylate and l-menthol.

I would like to talk about the experience I have used.

Please refer if you are interested in Roihi pot plaster or if you suffer from stiff shoulders and back pain.

And let’s learn Japanese about it ^^

I have a pain here and there ….

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My symptom

Back, Pain, Shoulder, Injury, Sun, Burn, Posture

My symptoms are stiff shoulders and back pain.

It’s not chronic, but before remotework, I used to go to massage regularly.

My job was to sit in front of my computer in the office.

Now it’s remote work, but I often sit in front of my PC as well.

When I was commuting, I had a hard time standing on the train or sitting down, but I was able to reduce it by stretching every day.

After beginning to work at home, I try to do muscle training and stretching, but if I do not do it for a long time, I feel stiffness in my shoulders and pain in my lower back.

Even if I continue to stretch, if I sit down all day, I feel a little discomfort in my shoulders and lower back.

When I get busy with work, I spend more time in front of my PC, and I tend to skip stretching ^^;

It is Important to do exercise frequently !

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How did I get to know Roihi Tsuboko?

goods on shelf

I knew Roihi Tsuboko after seeing at the supermarket (pharmacy corner).

Some super market provide a pharmacy and there is a pharmacist in there as well.

Before , I thought that compresses would be appropriate for stiff shoulders and back pain.

If it is an ointment, it will be rubbed against the clothes, and the clothes will smell or the effect will be diminished.

It looks like a pip electric van, but I have used it and feel that pip electric van is not effective.

Pip electric van is a product which is equipped with a small magnet which is placed where you feel stiff or pain.


It wasn’t that I happened to find Roihi and used it, but I was curious to see Chinese people buying Roihi a lot (“Bakugai” in Japanese).

I hadn’t seen Roihi before but Chinese people bought a lot (Bakugai), so I was really interested in Roihi and decided to buy it because it seems to works stiff shoulders and back pain.

There are 156-piece type (small format) and 78-piece type (large format).

The boxes are the same size and the number of sheets is the same but amount o pieces on a sheet is different.

第3類医薬品 これが、ロイヒつぼ膏™ ロイヒつぼ膏™は、肩こり・腰痛にズバッと効く、温感刺激の丸形はり薬でございます。一人でも貼りやすく、狙ったコリに、なんと、ピンポイント直撃!辛口な刺激がガツンと効くのでございます。

Each one is circular.

In the case of 156-piece type, there are 13 sheets.

And there are 12 pieces on a sheet.


The 78-piece type also has 13 sheets

And 6 pieces on every sheet.


There are cool type of Tsuboko !

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Effect when I tried using

Crop woman massaging neck with balls by leaning on wall

As for the effect of using Roihi, stiff shoulders and back pain have felt more comfortable.

I don’t use it all the time.

When I find it difficult on my shoulder or back , I use Roihi for 2 to 3 days in a row.

I put it on after taking a bath or shower at night.

I have a slight itch in the morning.

Occasionally, I may feel itchy immediately after applying.

Is it because the blood circulation is getting better?

I am not a person with strong skin.

I had allergy in particular when I was young.

Even now, when I get tired, my skin gets rough, but it seems unlikely that Roihi caused it to get rough.

Depending on the place, if I feel uncomfortable using Roihi continuously, I avoid to put Roihi to that place.

Usually , I use one sheet each time.

In the case of the 156-piece type, there are 12 pieces on one sheet, so 4 pieces are pasted on the right shoulder, 4 pieces on the left shoulder, and 4 pieces on back.

It is a good product and I will continue to use it.

Some people around me could not use because they felt too itchy to use it.

Take care about it !

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Let’s learn words related to patches.

EnglishJapaneseHiraganaHow to read
Shoulder pain肩こりかたこりKatakori
Back pain腰痛ようつうYoutu
Poultice , compress , patch湿布しっぷShippu
purchase a lot爆買いばくがいBakugai
feel comfortable , better楽になるらくになるRakuninaru

How was it?

If you are worried about itching, you can try with small amount such as one or two.

If you are suffering from stiff shoulders or low back pain, please refer to Roihi Tsuboko that Chinese people Bakugai.

Thank you !

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