How is Valentine’s day in Japan ? Let’s compared to other countries !

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How is Valentine’s day in Japan ? Comparing with other countries !

There are foreign coworkers in my company.

And it seems that Valentine’s day celebration is different from one country to another !

In Japan, it’s normal to give chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

And usually , women give chocolates to men.

Office ladies give chocolates to their coworkers.

Female students give chocolates to their male classmates.

Mothers give chocolates to their sons or husband.

Japan’s confectionery market went well as chocolates became popular as gifts for Valentine’s day.

But, other countries seem to have their own culture.

Actually , it is rare to receive gifts from women, and it seems that it is common to receive from men or vice versa.

Please read on if you are interested to know more about how other countries celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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What is Valentine’s day ?

long-coated white and brown dog

As you all know, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th day of February.

It is considered to be the day of the vow of love all over the world.

It’s origin is said to be 14th February , 269 in Roman era.

In ancient Rome during the war, Emperor Claudius II have banned soldiers from marrying because some soldiers left their families in their homes demoralized them.

At that time, Valentine, a Christian priest, secretly held a wedding ceremony for soldiers.

However, this was known and noted by the Roman emperor, but he did not give in to the order, and eventually Valentine was executed.

As time went by, Valentines day became an occasion to confess love and propose to someone.

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Women give Chocolates to Men !

Valentine'S Day, Chocolates, Candy, Heart, Love

This is common way in Japan at Valentine’s Day to give chocolates from women to men.

As I said previously , Girls or Ladies give Chocolates to Boys or Men.

Office ladies give chocolates to coworkers.

Students give chocolates their classmates.

Mothers give chocolates to their sons or husband.

There are two types of chocolates.

The first type of chocolate is for real love, it is when girls give chocolates to men that they really like.

It is called “Honmei Choco” in Japanese.

The second type is given out of obligation or relations.

These obligation chocolates, also known as “Giri Choco” in Japanese, are given to coworkers and classmates.

Then there is White.

On the 14th day of March, a month after Valentines, White Day is celebrated.

On this day, men return the affection or love by giving more expensive gifts to women ^^;

Besides Japan, Korea has a similar custom.

It seems that women often give chocolates to men in Korea.

In addition to chocolate, they sometimes give presents such as clothes and perfumes in Korea.

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Giving a Present !

person holding white gift card

It seems that it is common for each country to give presents.

Many people celebrate their love for their partner by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants or romantic nights in hotels.

In the United States, there seems to be a custom for men to give gifts to women.

Candy, cards, chocolates, flowers and jewelry are common.

There is no such thing as giving obligation, and only the favorite person will be given a present.

For couples, gift exchanges are also common.

It is also a day to express gratitude, and it seems that they will give a thank you card.

In that case, give it not only to your lover but also to your family and friends.

It seems that it is common in Italy for men to give gifts to women or exchange.

In Spain, February 14th is called Lover’s Day, and it seems that lovers exchange gifts with each other.

Even in China, men give gifts to women.

In China, it seems that only lovers celebrate under the name of “Lover’s Day(情人节)”.

Therefore, it is an event that has nothing to do with families or singles.

On Valentine’s Day in Taiwan, men give gifts to women.

It seems that there are two Valentine’s Day in Taiwan!

July 7th is positioned as Tanabata Valentine’s Day.

Tanabata is an event related to the stars.

It is based on the old story.

Once a year, Hikoboshi (Cow herder) can meet Orihime (Weaving Princess) at the shores of the heavenly river.

The moment would take place on the night of July 7th.

White Day on March 14th is similar to Valentine’s Day. .. ^^;

White Day in Japan men give back present to women.

But in Taiwan , men give present to women again.

In England, couples give bouquets, chocolates and jewelry as gifts.

Many couples eat, and the shop seems to be more crowded than usual.

In Thailand, men give gifts to women.

A set of a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear seems to be popular.

It seems that many couples get married.

Also, in Thailand, gifts such as handkerchiefs, perfumes, and glass products have a negative meaning, so be careful.

Brazil , men also give presents to women.

However, Brazil seems to be June 12th, not February 14th.

June 12th is the day before the death of Antonio, the god of marriage.

The Brazilian Sao Paulo Commercial Association has designated the anniversary of the death of Antonio, the saint of marriage, as the anniversary of his lover.

In Ethiopia, Valentine’s Day is not so exciting.

It is said that couples exchange cards.

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Giving flowers , mainly !

four red roses photo

In Peru, February 14th is Carnival Day.

It seems that the orchids, which are the national flowers, are handed over.

Many people get married on this day.

Valentine’s Day in France is said to be “Festival Day for Lovers“.

It is common for men to give gifts to women.

The standard gift is a bright red rose.

Language of flowers is “I love you”.

In Vietnam, people call Valentine’s Day “A day of love” in Vietnamese.

It’s a day when men devote themselves to women.

Many people give flowers on Valentine’s Day, and there are more flower shops in the city.

Also, besides Valentine’s Day, there are two other days when men give gifts to women ^^;

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Valentine’s day is Friend’s Day ?

three men and one woman laughing during daytime

In Finland, spending time with friends is a common way to spend Valentine’s Day.

This day is called Friends Day , not Valentine’s Day for Finnish.

They will give tulips, gifts, cards and candies.

It’s the day when tulips sell best in Finland.

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Prohibited !

Shield, Ban, Stop, Containing, Warning, Note, Road Sign

Since Valentine’s Day is a celebration for Christian, it seems that some Islamic countries are banned.

In Saudi Arabia, the law prohibits the sale of Valentine-related products.

It seems that Valentine’s Day bans have been issued in the past in parts of Pakistan and Indonesia.

Some Muslims don’t like Valentine’s Day, so be careful.

India, a Hindu nation, also seems to be basically banned.

It seems that some people in India are celebrating behind the scenes ^^;

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Singles Day !

man using Android smartphone

There is a singles day in Italy.

February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day.

They are not depressed even they don’t have a lover.

They gather with their friends and have a lively party.

It seems to be the trigger for the next encounter.

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Black Day !?

Moon, Full Moon, Sky, Nightsky, Lunar, Moonlight, View

In Korea, there seems to be a day called Black Day on April 14th.

This is the day to comfort each other for people who spend Valentine’s Day (and then White Day) alone .

In this time they wear black clothes and eat black noodles.

Korean jar jar noodles are black unlike Chinese and Japanese ones.

It may seem a dark story but Black day is the day for new encounter.

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person holding white printer paper

Exchange gifts from men to women or each other

  • America (candies, cards, chocolates, flowers, jewelries are popular)
  • United Kingdom (bouquets, chocolates, jewelries)
  • Italy (bright red flowers and underwears are popular)
  • Spain (exchanged between lovers)
  • Brazil (12th June)
  • China (couples only)
  • Ethiopia (not so exciting)

The mainstream is to give flowers

  • France (Rose is popular from men to women)
  • Peru (exchange orchids)
  • Vietnam (Given from men to women)
  • Thailand (Popular stuffed roses and bears from men to women)

Give chocolate from women to men

  • Korea
  • Japan

Valentine’s day is prohibited

  • Saudi Arabia (prohibited by law)
  • Pakistan (banned in the past)
  • Indonesia (some bans have been issued in the past)
  • India (seems to be secretly)

How about your Valentine’s day ?

It seems that there are many people eat together and have dinner on Valentine’s day as well ^ ^

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Let’s learn Japanese related to Valentine’s day !

EnglishJapaneseHiraganaHow to read
Valentine’s dayバレンタインデーばれんたいんでーBarentainnde-
real Chocolate本命チョコほんめいちょこHonmeityoko
obligated Chocolate義理チョコぎりちょこGirityoko

Thank you !


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