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Have you ever heard the word “Sumimasen” ?

Or the word “Suimasen” ?

Please read on if you are interested in convenient word “Sumimasen”.

We use Suimasen or Sumimasen in various situations.

Thank you , Sorry , Excuse me.

Suimasen contain those meanings.

Let me explain the word “Sumimasen” (“Suimasen”).

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Meaning of Sumimasen , Suimasen

Girl, Young, Student, Sitting, Table, Books, Notebook

We can use Suimasen in many situations.

Suimasen means “Sorry” , “Please give way” , “Waiters , order” , “Thank you“.

When we fail to do something and need to apologize , we can say Suimasen.

When we go through crowded place , we can say Suimasen .

When we call waiters at restaurant , we can say Suimasen !

When somebody helps us , we can say Suimasen.

But Arigato is better word to say “thank you”.

Suimasen implies sorry so , meaning becomes like “Thank you but sorry”.

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Sumimasen ? Suimasen ?

Compare, Comparison, Options, Choice, Choose, Value

Which is correct Suimasen or Sumimasen ?

Actually Sumimasen is correct word.

But We say Suimasen as colloquial usually.

“Sumimasen” was changed to “Suimasen”, and “Mi” was changed to “I” to “Suimasen” so that it’s easier to say.

In grammatical terms, these changes in sound are called ”I-onbin”.

There are other examples.

In each case, the sound is broken and changed so that it is easy to say verbally.

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Japanese often do Dogeza ?

Dogeza 2015-01-15.png

Have you ever heard Dogeza ?

Dogeza is way to show apology with sitting directly on the soil, prostrate and bow.

It is one of the Japanese rituals, and its posture is similar to the salute of the salute.

Originally, it is done to show reverence to an extremely noble object, or to express a deep apology or petition, so it is not a reciprocal, but only one is done, but it was dogeza against the intention of Dogeza.

The person who receives Dogeza may do Dogeza to show denying of the apology sometimes.

After sitting upright facing the opponent, put your palm on the ground, lie down until your forehead touches the ground, and keep that posture for a while.

In modern times, it is not limited to being on the soil, but floors that are not normally used for sitting (such as the floor in the living room) and paved areas are also called dogeza.

As a general rule, it should be done from a height below the opponent’s position, but when doing a large number of opponents, if you go down to the opponent’s position, you can only see from a part, etc. It may be done from a high position.

These days, dogeza is rarely done.

Very few people do Dogeza with serious situation.

There may be cases where you use it with a light appeal, such as asking your wife for forgiveness.

Extorting Dogeza is an extortion.

Recently, a customer who uploaded an image of a clerk sitting on the ground on Twitter has been arrested.

Since then, the number of cases leading to criminal cases has increased.

In the TV drama “Naoki Hanzawa” that was aired until just before the incident, there was a scene where the main character forced to do Dogeza, and there are opinions that raise questions.

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Let’s learn words related to Suimasen !

EnglishJapaneseHiraganaHow to read
Thank youすいませんすいませんSuimasen
Thank youありがとうありがとうArigato
Please open the way
Let me go
Waiter , orderすいませんすいませんSuimasen
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Let’s study Japanese word Suimasen with the movie below !

Thank you !


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