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Have you ever heard Car Tracking System ?

In Japan , police manage that system.

The purpose is to promptly capture the suspected vehicle that has escaped from the scene and arrest the criminal when a wide-area crime using a car occurs.

In that case, it will not cause traffic congestion due to traffic inspection.

It also aims to capture stolen vehicles that are likely to be used in important cases and arrest the criminal.

In that case, you can also try to get back stolen vehicle.

Please read on if you are interested in CAR TRACKING SYSTEM.

And let’s learn Japanese related to CAR TRACKING SYSTEM.

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picture from wikipedia

The System which track Car Number so it is called N-System.

It have started since 1987 and there are around 1700 surveillance sensors now.

And each system monitor all traffic and car numbers.

They save data so police can check where the car is when they are searching.

Latest systems can capture driver’s face.

Do you feel scared ?

But the system is controlled by Police so if you did not commit any crime , you do not need to be afraid.

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CC 表示-継承 3.0, https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=245079

There are another traffic enforcement camera called ORBIS.

This system monitor speed and if cars are over speed which are defined by law , system capture Car Number.

Cameras are installed in the following places.

  • Main highways
  • highway
  • School zone
  • Straight road
  • Accident-prone sections with poor visibility
  • Roads with frequent overspeed violations

When a vehicle traveling over the speed limit is detected, the speed of the vehicle is recorded, and the license plate and the driver are photographed.

The operating speed depends on the road conditions, but the fixed control device is installed on the road where overspeed violations occur frequently, so they are focused on serious violations.

Basically, only violations that result in suspension of the license in one shot are subject to crackdown, and shooting is generally done at speeds of 30 km / h or more on general roads and 40 km / h or more on expressways.

Drivers have to pay for violation.

If you over 30km/h on high way , it cost 25,000 JP Yen

And If you over 30km/h on normal road , You arrested and lose 6 points.

We have 15 points basically , if you lose 6 points , your license canceled temporary.

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Let’s learn words related to tracking system.

Tracking System追跡システムついせきしすてむTsuiseki sisutemu

Thank you !


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