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Do you have sports festival for elementary school students ?

All sports festival in elementary schools take place once a year in Japan.

It usually happen May or October.

We call the festival “Undou kai”.

Undou” means sports.

Kai” means kind of gathering.

We use “Kai” for any kind of gathering.

Syuu Kai” means big meeting.

“OFF Kai” means online group like SNS meet at offline(OFF) as real.

Please read on if you are interested in Japanese Sports festival for kids ^^

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Preparing for Undo Kai

Running, Sprint, Cinder-Track, Cinderpath, Start

Kids practice dance and parade , procedures for each event.

Kids practice more than one month for Undo Kai.

It takes time because Undo kai is an event not only for children but also for their relatives.

Parents and grandparents are looking forward to watch the annual event.

Children compete in “Undo kai” and they are divided into 2 groups , Red and White team.

Red or White team , only one can win !

Parents specially mothers , wake up earlier to make lunch boxes.

While parents specially fathers , wake up earlier to reserve place for them to watch festival.

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Stand in Line to Reserve Good Location

People, Foot, Waiting, Line, Queue, Crowd, Street

Parents specially fathers , wake up earlier to reserve place for them to watch festival.

At first , I did not known that so I went to school 2 hours earlier before the Undo Kai starts to reserve place. (7 am).

But it was too late.

Good places were reserved already so I could not reserve good one.

Good places mean places which are located front row or under the shadow or good viewing angle for taking pictures.

After a year I went to school to reserve place 6 am and I saw parents making a long line .

I was surprised.

Another next year , I went to school to reserve the place at 5 am.

I saw parents made line already but I could get the place which locate under the shadow.

Front group of line brought folding chair and coffee.

They have willing to wait long time.

Great !

After that year , I went to school 5 am to reserve the place every year during my kids are elementary school students.

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What do we do at Undo Kai ?

By the way , there are many events for sports festival.

Tama ire | Ball-toss game

Ball-toss game is usually for younger grade like first grade.

All grades are separated to 2 group usually.

Red team and White group.

Each group can get score by results of events.

There are red balls and white balls for Ball-toss game.

Team which toss in more balls to box can win the game.

運動会のイラスト「玉入れ」 | かわいいフリー素材集 いらすとや

Oen Gassen | Cheering Battle

Oen Gassen is the competition for Cheering.

There are Cheer Groups for festival.

They ware headband.

And They shout and sing to cheer their group with loud voice.

There is cheering fight event.

Cheer Groups stand center of field and all students cheer their group.

Sometimes, They cheer enemy.


Kumi taiso | Gymnastic Formation Performances

Gymnastic Formation Performances is one of big event at school festival.

5th and 6th grade students play the event.

They express something like Pyramid , Flower , Cactus , Tower , Bridge by their body.

Sometimes it is very impressed.

運動会のイラスト「組体操・赤組」: 無料イラスト かわいいフリー素材 ...

Rire- | Relay games

Relay games are taken place last event of festival usually.

Younger grade (1st , 2nd , 3rd ) compete last of First half.

Older grade (4,5,6th) compete last of festival.

4 fastest members are selected from each class.

So the match is a little bit long but they are very exciting !

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Let’s learn words related to Sports Festival !

EnglishChinese CharacterHiraganaHow to read
Sports Festival運動会うんどうかいUndoukai
Red Group紅組あかぐみAkagumi
White Group白組しろぐみShirogumi
Cheer Group応援団おうえんだんOuendan
Ball-Toss Game玉入れたまいれTamaire
Gymnastic Formation Performances組体操くみたいそうKumitaisou


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