Delivery Services In Belarus

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Delivery Services In Belarus

Home delivery is one of the safest ways to replenish food supplies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Today, at the time of coronavirus, people have learned how to do without visiting public places and other things without need. Food delivery has gained huge popularity these days. There is also contactless delivery. It works like this: the courier delivers your order to the door or to another previously agreed convenient in your place.

Shopping at the grocery store pushes the boundaries of social distancing, and ordering food from a restaurant or cafe makes some feel uncomfortable when we talk about an extremely dangerous virus.

Since you are forced to buy groceries, and ordering food at the same time helps a restaurant that is probably struggling not to burn out and survive this pandemic, having up-to-date information is the best we have to date.

Is it possible to order groceries or take-away meals during a coronavirus quarantine? In response, many food delivery services are switching to contactless delivery or encouraging customers to leave instructions on it to minimize the chance of the virus spreading. In early March, the food delivery service introduced a feature called “Driver’s Guide,” giving customers the option to either meet their delivery driver at the door, or bypass direct contact with the courier and ask them to leave their groceries at the door.

Uber Eats food delivery service is a well-known delivery service in the world. But recently they have announced that they are going to stop operating in eight countries.

The company has decided to stop its operations in the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Egypt, Honduras, Romania, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay, according to Reuters. The company does not see a clear path that will allow Uber Eats to become the number 1 or number 2 food delivery service in these countries.

The company also reports that due to the current economic situation, the development strategy of service is aimed at concentrating efforts and resources in the main markets of Uber Eats around the world.

The service is being planned to stop operating in the eight listed markets until June 4, with the exception of the UAE, where the company will operate under the Careem brand – a subsidiary of Uber, which mainly operates in the Middle East. According to Uber, They are leaving 8 countries because of low income. And these countries had only 1% of all Uber’s income and only 4% of income in 2020’s first quarter.

In Belarus, unfortunately, Uber Eats has not started working. After the signing of an agreement in 2017 on the merger of businesses for online ordering between Yandex and Uber, were announced the plans to launch Uber Eats in the country of Belarus. Apparently, the high competitive condition in this market did not allow the company to decide to launch this service.

I think you do not need to be explained the new realities of the modern world, when any business tries to go online and start delivering goods.

In Europe and Russia, delivery aggregators have been a norm for a long time already, an integral part of life: Yandex.Food, Delivery Club, and several other smaller companies. For Belarus, this is still a growing trend. So, we decided to go through the aggregators that are available in Minsk – the capital of Belarus.

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Delivio – сервис для заказа блюд из кафе и ресторанов города.

Minimum order: 15 BYN

Shipping Cost: 3 BYN

This delivery has existed relatively not so long and in fact the service has already proved it´s quality.

So, the pros: very good range of establishments, convenient filtering, convenient app and website.

Fast delivery (30-50 minutes), depending on the location.

There is a so-called “blind tasting”. If you do not want to burden yourself with a choice. This is when for fixed price (25 BYN) you´ll get one of available sets. You don’t know in advance what the dish will be.

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Delivery cost: from 3 BYN

It is probably the first aggregator that came to Belarus. Therefore, the range of establishments is the largest. Only here you can order everything from shawarma to restaurant-quality dishes 24/7 without leaving home, but only if you don’t get tired of waiting. Because the delivery is sometimes very long.

Pros: round-the-clock delivery, a very wide range of establishments, a large area of delivery.

Cons: delivery is much more expensive than competitors have.

Very long delivery time (90-100 minutes on average)

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ENOT Delivery


ENOT Delivery (ЕНОТ Деливери) служба доставки еды Минск – отзывы, адреса и телефоны
Служба доставки еды ENOT Delivery (ЕНОТ Деливери) в Минске – отзывы, телефоны, график работы и карта проезда на

Minimum delivery price: 20 BYN

Shipping cost: from 2 BYN

Delivery time: up to 60 minutes

Delivery radius: 7 km from the establishment/store

It´s not the most popular delivery service, but with its own features and advantages. For example, there is not only food delivery from restaurants, but also food delivery from the store. There is a contactless delivery, which is very convenient nowadays, when coronavirus is breaking out.

Positive: there is a delivery of products from the store

Acceptable shipping price

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Just eat


Заказать еду с доставкой на дом. Доставка еды |
Заказать еду с доставкой на дом на – у нас выгодные цены, гибкая система скидок, быстрая доставка еды. Звоните +375 44 596 56 96

Shipping terms: from 40 minutes and 5 BYN

It is not well-known but so underestimated delivery service. There are not many establishments here, but you can arrange the delivery of shawarma or sushi at night. The website often has sales with free delivery.

Positive: there is a round-the-clock delivery, reasonable delivery price and regular sales

Cons: a relatively small range of establishments, no app, just a website

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