How often people switch their jobs in Pakistan?

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How often people switch their jobs in Pakistan?

First things first, getting a job is never easy, at least not for everyone. No matter, which country you are living and finding job in. Especially if you are a fresh graduate. Finding jobs if you have just finished your bachelors is another thing, well, switching job is another.

Job situation is not very well, not just in Pakistan but all over the world these days, due to the renowned pandemic. The economy of whole world went down due to the lock down. Most of the countries made their way through it and now moving towards recovery, from bankruptcy and COVID-19 both. Some of them are still fighting for their lives and lockdown situation in their countries like Canada and Saudi Arabia. They still aren’t out of lockdown yet, or we could say they went back to the lockdown situation, due to the increasing cases of corona, so employment is not being too well for most of the countries, all around the world.

when we talk about Pakistan, unemployment was one of the top issues in country, even before pandemic. There are not enough jobs as compared to the increasing population. Poverty level is not going down due to, most of the people not getting enough jobs. Corona virus made things even worse, and when they put whole country on lock down, it affected the country in a lot worse way.

People who were just graduated, had to stay put for no one could have said how long. Job market went down, when there is nothing working, how are they going to need people to run anything. So, people with jobs didn’t even remain secured. Shortlisting their staff has become compulsion for most of the companies due to loss of work and money.

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Jobs in Pakistan:

Finding job in Pakistan is not much difficult but you have to do your part of hard work and education. Once you are graduated and you know how to work in your field with precision, there are many chances that you are going to get good job. We can say, having degree is important, but rather you can implement what you learned or not, is more important. That is why, there are factory worker who get jobs due to their talent and being expert on that. And there are educated people who don’t get good jobs, because they are not good at what they have studied as their major.

Jobs in Pakistan varies from city to city. Like there are a lot of government jobs in Islamabad (Capital of Pakistan), you can easily get one. There are education departments like FPSC, for what you must have B.Ed. degree.

Then there is oil and gas company, which pays you well. Other jobs like ZTBL (Zarayi Taraqqiati Bank), PINSTECH, FGEHA (Federal Government Employees Housing Authority) and many more. Getting a government jobs gives you a lot of benefits, along with organized leaves, secure job, healthcare facility and long term work opportunity.

Where as in other cities, situation is bit different, like in Karachi (Biggest city of Pakistan), there is no room for government jobs, not that you don’t find one, but not many people in Karachi prioritize them. as government departments are not in very good condition there yet. So most of the people find jobs in banks, which is very common, and one other source of jobs in Karachi is increasing rate of super markets. You can get a very smooth, well-paying job in a warehouse if you have little experience.

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Changing job in Pakistan:

Now let’s talk about switching the jobs, once you find one and working whole heartedly on it.

Now, with COVID-19 going down, as vaccine procedure has been started in Pakistan few days ago. We can say that situation is going to be a little better in no time.

Though in Pakistan, switching job Is not an easy option to go with. You need experience, qualification and deep research before you switch your job. Young people are more likely to change jobs since they are always looking for the new and better opportunities. There are people who stick to their first job for very long, to gain enough experience to find a better job. Like, no less than 5-7 years, so that they are qualified enough to apply for new job and demand a better salary than they are already getting.

Then there comes the people, who starts working with company while they keep looking for better chance and better place to go with. These people are more ambitious, but less patient, so they keep themselves busy with doing one job and looking out for others. Not all of them, but the ones with greater ambitions and better luck than others, find new and better job within no time. And as soon as they get better salary, they leave the first place in first priority. This, however, doesn’t work always and not good as well. Switching really soon after joining looks fine for the first time but not covering enough time period at several places and keep switching makes you look bad for where you go next. It affects your reputation, no matter how hard-working and passionate you are.

When we talk about the old people, or you can say, elder people, they like staying at the company they are working since, well forever. Old people like who are associated with something since their carrier started, specially government employees, like to stick with the jobs forever. Maybe because they like getting promoted after specific time, get used to the facilities and privileges provided by their companies as perks of being government employee. Government employees start at junior level mostly, so people who have grown old while working as a government servant, mostly like working with their companies they have first started with. Because they cannot change job after gaining enough experience, as the time comes when they are going to get the fruit of working hard and staying put. So they keep working and stay loyal with what they are doing. At the end, they get retired and keep getting their pension till death which is also one of the perks of being government employee.

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