Side Business Culture in Pakistan

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Side Business Culture in Pakistan

Whether it is to earn a little extra cash or to adapt it as a hobby, it is now more common for individuals in full-hours employment to take on a side business to complement their day job.

1 in 4 people does side business according to recent research.

Side businesses are flexible.

These are secondary projects and can take many forms, such as freelance work to vending handicrafts. 

Some fulfill their dream of being their own boss, a side business is not essential to be a fully-fledged money-earner to help a purpose.

Side businesses can offer all sorts of assistance beyond the financial enticement, personal grooming, and the check industries, without losing a job or steady paycheque.

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Side Business Culture in Pakistan

If you take a little more insight into the growing side hustle culture in Pakistan, you  will find out that plotted hustlers from a number of industries and age groups to find what energies them to take on extra work outside their full-time gig.

The average side businessmen work an extra 6-15 hours in a week.

Bearing in mind these individuals are in full-time employment, our survey indicated that the average ‘side hustler’ puts an extra six to 15 hours of work a week into their secondary gig.

Further to this, one in five work an extra 16-20 hours.

Whether this is spread out across the week or isolated to weekends, that’s a pretty significant portion of their free time dedicated to the cause.

In Pakistan, those aged 35 to 44 are inclined to work more than 16 extra hours a week in comparison to any of the age groups living in the country.

This is twice for 16 to 24-year olds.

They are also most probable to identify additional income and the main side hustle, something that can be correlative.

Industry-wise in Pakistan, HR professionals and marketers work overtime, with 50% committing an extra 11-15 hours a week to their side-venture.

To gauge the meanings behind these side businesses in Pakistan, we asked whether they were only ever envisioned as a part-time project or if there is an escape to go full-time one day.

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A Hobby Later Becomes Business

Sometimes what adapt as a hobby, later feel it has the potential to take over as a business in its own right.

It could even result in life and realizing that the career you are in just does not offer the same level of eagerness the side business does.

But leaving the benefits and security of a stable role in a well-known company to follow this kind of venture is a horrible prospect, and it earns some thoughtful sureness and drives to run a business.

It is also a possibility that the compression to turn it into a full-fledged financial source could take away from the real enjoyment.

57% of Pakistani respondents said they have tactics to turn their side business into a full-time industry or would like to perform at some point in the future.

As per the business sector of Pakistan 25 to 34 age group are expressed the most ambition in doing so.

Contemporary, a sixth of the side business felt that their second job will be a realistic source of income if it was full-time.

1 in 5 said their circumstances would change significantly to move full-time.

It includes a fifth of teaching professionals.

These were the highest proportion controlled group from any of the industries surveyed.

There are different goals behind starting a side business.

The first impetus for carrying extra work is to addition monthly earnings start a business simply for the enjoyment they get out of it.

The additional income is ground for having a side business among our respondents and with two-thirds uttering this as number one reason.

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Why Side Business Are Tricky In Pakistan

It is a little trick running your side business in Pakistan.

Unemployment is ever increasing.

People age 22 to 35 are unemployed.

They belong to the middle class and do not have updated technology and online market increases.

However, they are unable to adapt to learning online and then turning it into a side business.

It is hell hard and a struggle to meet the main business or steady job.

It is a disturbing fact that unemployment became the top problem of Pakistan.

This is rising by leaps and bounds not only in the village but also in the cities of Pakistan.

Many universities of Pakistan passing thousands of eligible young graduates and every year failing to grow a professional community on completion of their degree.

It is a reality that we hear from the close circle who do not get a job after graduation.

Pakistan Bureau of Statistics stated that the unemployment rate increased up to 5.1 % to 5.7 % and it is still increasing.

This is alarming for the country’s economy especially for the young and they are observing to get a job as soon as they hold a degree in hands.

But inappropriately, we lack to offer passable measures to decrease this unemployment rate.

To know about this tenacious issue they dig deep into the details behind this usual unemployment.

Although there are many reasons for this constant issue, some major centers of the glitches are poor industry, lack of resources, lack of finance, bribery, and nepotism, and lack of infrastructure.

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Bottom Line

Side business cultures flourish and thrive in societies where people are already earning a good amount of money and mentally spare enough to think and run sideline earning source.

But Asian states are developing and half of them are underdeveloped.

People cannot meet bread and butter with the major profession so to run side business is a little tricky.

Yes, the elite class does have sidelines business because they are enough stable to invest in the new sideline track.

Side business cultures are a hobby to some and an earning source for others.

People in spite of stable money cheque, develop a field of interest like content writing and sketching, they sell on an online platform such as Upwork and Fiverr, now they have two earning source Upwork, Fiverr as well as office-based national or international platform.

The ones who run sideline businesses are either workaholics or they may are trying to make money.

A better lifestyle comes with good input.

And a side business is good enough input.

Thank you !


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