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The United States real estate industry plays a quality role in the lifestyle experience and luxury of the people of the United States. The industry is a very hot and big deal right now. It weaves the wall-hanging gloomy concept of owning a house or estate in the United States. Immigrants and foreigners can now own deals on real estate properties with ease and comfort. Buyers from other parts of the world connect with real estate dealers in United States for a secure and fraud-free housing and property business.

It now makes sense to the populace how the industry is numerically and structurally increasing with smart, creative, and aggressive people who are responsible and concerned, not just because their area of business contracts require them to be nice but because they have a brand name to protect and the general public as well to serve.

The United States real estate industry is not just composed of real estate agents who all they do is to disturb you with untimely phone calls, text messages, or hand you a leaflet. The problem now is that people are misinformed about the industry and real estate business in United States. But what they don’t know is that there is more to the industry than just hitting the sales pitch. The United States real estate industry nowadays provides a wide range of opportunities for a high number of individuals, both as dealers, investors, or agents.

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For anyone who has any intention of getting into the real estate industry in the United States, here are some careers to choose from :


The United States real estate industry has been ranked by Forbes.com as the number one happiest job in United States. They have succeeded in scoring 4.19 percent on the CareerBliss’s rankings. The job has been deemed as a very rewarding job by the survey participants due to the amount of flexibility, and control they have over their work and everyday tasks. Being a real estate agent in United States involves helping people sell and buy homes. Agents or real estate brokers are responsible for carrying out the process of buying and selling properties, saving clients their time while offering productivity, giving loan documentation and policies governing the property acquisition process. Real estate agents in United States undergo some work-related training and education so they can be well knowledgeable in their field and get familiar with contracts and fair housing law as well as financing options available to consumers.

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Types of real estate brokers :

Office or Industrial Brokers

Office or industrial brokers are in charge of selling, developing, and renting out properties for manufacturing and office headquarters. The office brokers are expected to be keen on zoning laws, property management, and tax regulation to be able to relate necessary information about the property they are marketing.

Commercial Brokers

Commercial brokers specialize in searching out the market for revenue-generating real estate properties like spaces found in malls, apartments, shopping centers, warehouses, and office buildings. To qualify as a credible commercial broker, you are expected to have a good understanding of the properties and investment value in terms of taxes, locations, billboards, and market activities. The job of a real estate agent is very hot now in United States.

Land Brokers

Land brokers are specialists in brokering land deals for residential, farm, industrial and commercial lots. This kind of broker takes up to himself the responsibility of looking for lands that have the potential to generate revenues and be developed. Land brokers have to have good knowledge about the local market economics and agriculture as well as be able to triumphantly close real estate property deals.

Land Developer

These people cannot be replaced in the real estate industry especially for United States since they are the ones with the money. Without them, there is no money to be realized from the real estate business. They bring out an outstanding concept in the project blueprint and carefully look into any property whether commercial, residential or industrial to be sure it is worthy of being developed for profit-making or not. They conduct cost analysis and site selection. Land developers are usually in partnership with construction companies and oversee the construction of the property. Land developers are the main ones who are involved in financing real estate projects.


Appraisers are responsible for evaluating estate values. Their main job is assessing the profitability of properties as well as tax rental, values, insurance, and accounting values. They must be very good with numbers, and have a good knowledge of economics principles and accounting. They must be good at real estate education and have a good insight into local housing market activities.

The real estate industry is getting nothing but hotter and sellable in the United States. Technical writers, copywriters, and researchers are usually part of the recent innovations in the business development department of the real estate industry in the United State. Technical writers and journalists are now heavily involving themselves in the real estate business. Developers, brokers, and other real estate professionals all depend on the research and data they provide.

Real estate educators in United States are crucial in producing the nation’s best and top real estate agents. They are an unavoidable force in the making of formidable real estate agents in the United States to ensure they keep running. Without educators, the industry wouldn’t have gotten to where it is now.


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