Ways to learn online in Pakistan

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Ways to learn online in Pakistan

Everything and every discussion starts with COVID-19 these days. This virus has affected our lives badly, and in many different ways. Along with troubling us in almost all aspects of life, it also taught us many things, staying clean and staying home with family.

Well, COVID-19 has affected everything all over the world and that really means everything. Economy of whole world has turned down due to Corona virus. Job market has gone bankrupt. And along with everything else, education department has suffered the most, not just in Pakistan but all over the world.

Considering how important is education for kids as they are the future of world, this is what where we can’t compromise. Education can’t be compromised or taken lightly so we always need to find other ways. Though it never happened before that the whole country had to be on lock down and no one knows till when.

People started finding alternative ways for all other things as this virus wasn’t seemed to be going very soon and daily life chores couldn’t be shut down for more than few days, everything needs to be sorted out.

So they sorted out an alternative for education. May be other countries already have online schooling option, but for Pakistan, it’s a new one. well, at least for most of the people in Pakistan, this concept of online studying was new. They never needed it or you can say never considered it really important while everyone could go to schools, colleges, universities.

Or if they can’t, there are possibilities for some senior classes and subjects to be studied at home, while being associated privately with a university. And still, they don’t get leverage of online classes or exams, they’ve had to go out to take workshops and give exams in person.

So when we talk about online education facility, it was very rare since we experienced pandemic, and went through worst circumstances of lockdown. And when things were not getting under control, Pakistanis started getting worried about kids’ education loss and fear of losing track by them staying away from school for really long. They started online schooling for higher classes. Because it’s better to start with sensible kids. After that started working out, and things got settle with online learning of higher classes, they came to think about small kids, because education is mandatory for everyone anyway.

After education minister confirmed and a new schedule of classes came out, all schools started conducting online classes for kids. Not matter what age they are, and what class they are in.

From Montessori to university, everyone had to take online classes, and get along with the course from where it was left. Where things kept being smooth for elder kids, they were complicated for smaller kids to some extent, as making them sit for a while in front of screen, to just listen is a bit difficult and complicated for kids and parents as well. Well, people sorted it out for their own good and now when things are getting under control and COVID-19 seems to be much controlled than before, they have started proper schooling to keep kids from more loss. 

But that doesn’t mean that concept of online schooling dies again in Pakistan. There was already a facility of online schools and academies, that’s the other thing that Pakistanis never really thought about that. But since COVID-19 started, people are worried enough to find another way of learning in case, something like this happens again.

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Online schooling in Pakistan:

Many different opportunities of online learning are now available in Pakistan. They also include schools that just aren’t supposed to be for Pakistanis but students from all over the world can join them. let’s get a little introduction to these virtual learning platforms because it is a thing that could help us a lot in future as technology seems to be growing rapidly. Some of the well-known e-learning platforms in Pakistan are:

  • Iqra Virtual School (IVS)

They claim to be Pakistan’s first complete online learning system. As we already said there wasn’t such concept of online learning in Pakistan few years ago. They provide facility of complete online schooling with tests and everything included.

  • Future school

They provide online schooling to students all over Pakistan.

  • Learn smart Pakistan

It is basically for higher classes starting from 9th till 12th and still more than 15,000 students utilize this platform.

  • Wolsey Hallox Oxford

Wolsey Hallox Oxford is an international e-learning platform who entertains students from all over the world with best education facilities.

  • E-school

e-school is a complete online solution for your homeschooling problem. They provide complete range of all courses starting from school, till university.

As a matter of fact, homeschooling is now being considered by many families, along with other reasons, biggest one is, due to the uncertain situation of COVID-19. As it doesn’t seem to be fully controlled and covered, even after the vaccination, maybe because everyone didn’t get the dosage of vaccine yet. Though whatever it is, no one knows if Corona to be rise again at any time. So there must be an alternative option to study because, being a Pakistani we are already fighting to rise the literacy rate. Along with other things, Pakistan is also struggling to improve education quality and provide to one and all.

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Benefits of Online schooling:

  • One of the biggest benefit is that its low budgeted program. It doesn’t cost you too much fee, also it spares you all extracurricular charges as well as transports charges.
  • Online schooling develop confidence in students which is declined in many students while they are unable to talk to teacher face to face in front of whole class.
  • Online schools could be fun, may be less hectic, more beneficial and comfortable for kids as there can’t be a cancellation of classes due to bad weather or a kid being sick. Online classes could be taken in all circumstances.
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Homeschooling was never a preferable idea for Pakistani parents as they think kids can’t be controlled and well-educated at home but after experiencing COVID-19, parents are scared enough to keep their kids home not compromise their studies at any cost, so E-learning is a fair option in that case.

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