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Native Nigerians Health Wisdom

Health is a valuable resource for any society because no society can function if its members are not healthy and Nigeria is no exception. However, despite the desire for a healthy society, people run the risk of getting sick, and attract health professionals.

However, despite the ridiculous growth and reliability of modern medicine, traditional medicine and health wisdom continue to thrive among Nigerians. This health wisdom is based on practical knowledge and observations handed down from generation to generation in diagnosing, preventing and eliminating physical and mental imbalances. These are some of the most commonly practiced among many Nigerians even today.

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Palm oil effective against poison and itching.

Nigerians believe that the use of palm oil detoxify the toxicity of poison in the body when administered causing the victim to vomit.

In addition, in some parts of the country palm oil is also considered an effective remedy for itching and skin rashes. The patient is washed and the palm oil is given to the whole body as an ointment. Although widespread, they are well-established health wisdoms that are passed down from generation to generation and are still practiced by some people today.

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Peppersoup to treat colds, allergies and loss of appetite.

Pepper soup is believed to cure colds, allergies, and loss of appetite. Various ingredients are used to make different types of peppers. The following ingredients are simple and interchangeable when used, depending on the region, availability of the ingredients and kind of disease been treated.

Fish, chicken or goat meat: Nigerians strongly believe in the medicinal value of protein because it is an active part of cells, and there are hardly any foods on the Nigerian table that contain none. For a group of healing pepper soup, many add fish, goat meat or chicken. For chicken pepper soup, local chickens are preferred because they are less fat and free range.

Cayenne Pepper: Particularly a favorite of the Yoruba in southwestern Nigeria, many use it as a base for most of their stews. For colds, many peppers are added for their spicy flavor, as they help relieve itchy eyes and throat and clear the airways.

Alligator Pepper – This is another spicy ingredient used to make the basic chili pepper for the group of peppers. The seeds are not only stimulants, but the leaves are also very medicinal and are often used in herbal medicine. Other ingredients include ginger, garlic, mint leaves, uziza, onions and pumpkin nutmeg.

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Chew for strong teeth and healthy gums

Many Nigerians believed and used the chewing bar for dental hygiene. More preventative than curative, chew sticks are twigs, when chewed has a brush like look that are used for brushing our teeth and they have health benefit hardly seen in toothpaste. The best chewing sticks are made from twigs of West African orange, neem, iron grass (Vernonia), licorice, walnuts, and other bitter-rooted trees. However, Salvador persica tree(a.k.a toothbrush tree) are best used in making chewing stick. It not only strengthens the teeth, but also reduces dental plaque and mouth odor.

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Herbal remedies for malaria

There are high rates of different malaria strains in Nigeria and there are also several orthodox drugs that are used as curative measures. People often use herbal drinks to treat malaria because they are considered to be safer and friendlier to the body.

Many Nigerians believe that a combination of garlic cloves, ginger roots, lemongrass, lime, onion, green papaya, and utazi is boiled together in a cauldron as a remedy and is often eaten as both a prevention and a cure. This combination varies from culture to culture, but is also sometimes used as a herbal bath. Ironweed, also known as the bitter leaf bush, is also pressed and drunk as a prevention and cure for malaria.

Ugwu juice is a juice made by blending the ugwu leaf ( also known as pumpkin leaf in English ) and then sieving it, It is also used for cooking soup.Ugwu juice is used to increase blood cell production and improve appetite.

Many Nigerians turn to traditional herbal suppliers who diagnose them and then give them concoctions to treat them based on the symptoms described. They use these concoctions to treat ailments such as malaria, fever, typhus, and muscle aches. They also prepare some of these concoctions to help with fertility, boost sex drive and the immune system.

Before the advent of more modern medical practices, the people of eastern and western Nigeria, like most ancient civilizations, sought medical treatment from traditional healers. Most of these healers were herbalists and were well trained in the science of using bark, leaves, herbs and roots to treat ailments and diseases.

With the adoption of modern medicine, more and more people are going to hospitals because they are considered more efficient. However, traditional science is not extinct, especially drugs that focus on everyday ailments like malaria, colds, colds, and allergies. There are various cooking ingredients that have been used as a remedy for centuries.

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Salt and water for stomach aches and infections.

A mixture of salt and water is used for stomach-related diseases to reduce pain or discomfort. Commonly practiced among many Nigerians, mixing salt and water and then drinking it is considered a quick fix for the stomach. Although it is primarily a first aid treatment to reduce the pain or discomfort of the victim or patient.

In conclusion, all human societies have shaped sets of beliefs and practices regarding their lifestyle. These thought patterns are to some extent culturally determined and largely culturally related.

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