How about Ceylon tea wisdom in SriLankan and history

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How about Ceylon tea wisdom in SriLankan and history

Sri Lankan is a fertile, prosperous island in the Indian Ocean close to the Bay of Bengal. With the invasion of the British, This Island became a British colony. Ceylon tea gradually obtains a good reputation from the world. Therefore tea exportation was the main income source of the colony. Gradually the name ‘Ceylon’ become famous all over the world. For the very first time in 165, Ceylon became the largest tea exporting country in the world.

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Introduction of tea to SriLankan

Tea cultivation, tea making, tea drinking is an ancient art and a science. The history of Ceylon tea runs back to 1824. After the British invasion, they brought the very first tea plant to SriLankan from china. Peradeniya botanical garden was the place where this tea plant was planted. This is considered the first noncommercial tea plant in SriLankan.

After a few decades in 1867, Mr. James Taylor cultivated nineteen acres of tea in Kandy city. This is known as   Loolecondra Estate which was the first commercial tea estate in SriLankan. Over time the quality and the quantity of Ceylon tea evaluated with the involvement of different companies and individuals.

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Replacement of coffee by tea

Coffee was the famous and the main crop cultivated in SriLankan. But unfortunately, a group of fungus destroyed the cultivation. This was a huge loss to the estate owners there for they seek for an alternative method. In this instance, James Taylor brought and establish the initial tea estate in SriLankan.

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Why it was named Ceylon tea

Ceilão was the name given by the Portuguese to this island. Later it was translated to English and it was named Ceylon. The exported tea was branded as Ceylon tea. The name Ceylon always symbolized a British colony so after obtaining independence the name was changed to SriLankan.

In 172 the name of the country was renewed as SriLankan. So this becomes a problem as Ceylon was the world-famous brand for tea. So to maintain the obtain reputation still the name Ceylon is used as a brand name for the tea production in SriLankan.

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Health benefits of Ceylon tea

Sri Lankan produces different varieties of tea. Among green, white, and black tea is famous all over the world. There are numerous health benefits of Ceylon tea. You can experience the change after drinking a warm cup of Ceylon tea. It will boost your whole body and you will be energetic.

Ceylon tea is rich in antioxidants and helps to boost body metabolism.

Improve blood sugar regulation and Ceylon tea is heart loving. The potassium composition Ceylon tea will alleviate the stress on arteries and help in blood pressure regulation.

Ceylon tea can improve your immunity and protect the body from infections. The antioxidants in tea can enhance WBC production.

Help in weight loss as Ceylon tea contains zero calories and improves fat burning.

Black tea reduces the risk of dermatological problems. As black tea help to remove free radicals it keeps your skin healthier.

Regular use of Ceylon black tea minimizes the risk of getting cancers. It prevents the growth of abnormal cells.

The minerals and vitamins in the Ceylon tea help you to spend the whole day full of energy.

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Why Ceylon is considered as the best

When the potassium composition is compared, Ceylon tea is rich in potassium than other tea plants that grow in other regions. This potassium is really beneficial in maintaining heart health. This can relax blood vessels therefore it helps to reduce blood pressure.

Sri Lankan people have a healthy habit of drinking tea around three to four times a day. This practice makes them healthier. They use natural sugar sources like ‘kithul’ or else they will not use white sugar with tea. So this has helped them over years to get rid of health problems. South Asian genes have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Therefore Ceylon tea has helped SriLankan over years to protect themself from non-communicable diseases and reduce the risk of obesity.

Ceylon tea has become a part of their culture. On most occasions, functions, festivals this has become a part. They enjoy Ceylon tea with friends and family members. Since childhood, SriLankan practice drinking tea in between main meals which reduces their unnecessary calorie intake between meals and improves their metabolism. This practice has helped them to keep their metabolism at the proper level even during fasting.

Ceylon tea is used to welcome guests and to symbolize special occasions.

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Why Ceylon tea is so taste

Due to the fertile favorable environment, the plant grows well and the dried leaves have their own taste. This unique taste of Ceylon tea is always special. The nature and the composition of the soil and the climate are responsible for this special taste.

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The bad side of Ceylon tea

Ceylon tea is always safe for consumption in moderate quantities. If not the caffeine in Ceylon tea can make you addicted and also it can cause several side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, and gastrointestinal problems.

This caffeine can be harmful to pregnant mothers if consumed in large quantities. High caffeine doses can cause miscarriages as caffeine always cross the placenta.

If you consume a higher frequency of Ceylon tea it can interact with other medications. And this can reduce intestinal iron absorption when consumed just after main meals.

The good news is Ceylon tea contains a very lower percentage of caffeine and safe for consumption. For those who prefer an alternative drink for coffee, Ceylon tea is best for them.

Due to all these reasons, Ceylon tea has become the world’s number one tea. This brand is well-known all over the world. This always represents their society and values. Ceylon tea is a brand that makes the world know about SriLankan and even today this is the main income category and also adds value to SriLankan name. Experience the taste and feel the different of Ceylon tea over other types of tea.

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